Sharing our Marsden Childcare STORY with YOU

We just just can’t express enough how much we’ve LOVED bringing Storypark to our Marsden Childcare Centre at Macarthy Road! As Early Childhood Educators, we believe it’s essential to our children’s learning and development that families be as involved in their child’s learning as possible.

Storypark makes that more possible then ever!

Through the creation of beautiful, multi-media stories and conversations, we feel that Storypark is an incredibly effective and efficient way to nurture our children’s learning. It’s also providing us with the tools to further empower and engage our families and our educators to come together as a community.

We’re witnessing parents feeling more engaged and involved in our Marsden education and childcare community more than ever before! And we’re sure you already know, next to seeing smiles on our little Early Birds’ faces, we love seeing our families happy as well!

While Storypark is simply just fun for parents and guardians to partipate in, it also allows them to build up on their child’s learning experiences at Kindy and continue the fun at home more quickly!

Marsden Childcare

Macarthy Road parent shares some feedback with our Educators about an extended learning experience at home!

In Early Childhood Education and Care, one of our favourite things to hear from an Educator is that they are inspired to teach and improve the lives of our children every day.

As Macarthy Road Kindergarten Teacher, Miss Mia says, “Loving Storypark … and I am finding it more beneficial to the children’s learning as I feel I am linking more things together now.”

Childcare Marsden

Miss Mia engages with a parent who’s enjoying being able to witness their child’s developing skills first hand!

Early Birds Owner and Managing Director, Miss Bird says, “I’m absolutely thrilled – and excited – each time I take a look at what you are all doing … and Storypark is helping you to not only achieve great educational outcomes, but also show parents just what you do! It’s obvious from your stories and photos that you know that ‘education’ and ‘care’ go hand-in-hand. Congratulations!”

We do know that “education and care go hand-in-hand” and Storypark seems to make that fundamental belief more achievable day in, and day out.