Celebrating 10 Years with Miss Jana at Marsden Childcare

Childcare Marsden

Arriving at our door, in 2004, a wide eyed high school student looking for work experience stepped into our world of playdough, finger paint and fairy bread to learn the ropes of early childhood education and care.

When many find the experience an eye opening challenge, Jana excelled, and it was clear that she’d found her place.

I remember, even early on … she accomplished so much, so quickly,” says Macarthy Road Education & Childcare Director, Miss Lia.

We were over the moon when Jana graduated in 2006 and decided to stay with Macarthy Road as an Assistant Educator, and later become a Full Time Educator.

Childcare Marsden

Ten years on, you can find Miss Jana in the Pre Kindy Room, acting as Team Leader and inspiring all of us with her warm personality, sense of humour and creative spirit.

Everyone just loves Jana. All the kids adore her,” says veteran Macarthy Road Education & Childcare parent, Andrea Frazer.

Known for her friendly demeanor, Jana brings instant calm to anxious families entering the centre for the first time. She goes above and beyond to create an inviting and vibrant community, not only for the children to thrive, but for parents and staff as well.

I believe that all children should be respected and treated equally so they each have the opportunity to grow into confident individuals. I feel by creating strong partnerships with families and fellow caregivers, this can be achieved,”¬†says Jana in her philosophy statement.

And she does achieve this, not only through the relationships she builds with children, families and staff, but with the addition of her incredible creative flair. It’s her creativity which greatly influences her teaching style and inspires the children to further explore their own creative endeavours.

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She’s always been creative and always takes the lead. She has amazing little achievers who come from her class … She really is a wonderful teacher,” says Lia.

With Jana, there’s always that little bit extra.¬†Our centre’s walls have that little bit extra colour, our garden has that little bit extra spark of fun, and our families’ hands and hearts are that little bit extra full of photographs, cards and other creative projects, which capture the magic of childhood memories at Macarthy Road.

Childcare Marsden

We believe Miss Jana inherently embodies mutual respect, confidence and community. As early childhood educators, we couldn’t be more grateful to have spent the last decade with someone who creates such a beautiful world for our future generations.

Yours in Education & Care,
The Early Birds Team