Early Birds are Song Birds at Marsden Childcare

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Throughout the early years, children are constantly learning to do, say and create new things. For children 8 years and younger, this is a particularly critical time for developing the necessary fundamental skills and learning dispositions needed to succed later in life.

Playing music and moving to a beat provides essential stimulation which makes these developmental processes happen more easily (not to mention it’s super fun)!

Whether it’s individually or within a group, our Early Birds Education & Childcare Educators always incorporate music into our children’s daily routines. As their appreciation for music grows, so do these benefits:

1.Develop a Strong Sense of Self

When a child participates in musical activities, they’re better able to explore their own ideas and emotions as a unique individual. This expression not only teaches better communication skills, but also encourages a stronger sense of identity.

Just as identity is shaped by experiences, participation in music allows children to outwardly explore and engage with the way they feel and how to express these feelings as part of their ever-chaning, ever-growing, ‘identified self’.

Childcare Marsden


2.Explore Creativity and Imagination

It’s never too early to encourage an appreciation for the arts! Getting children involved in music at Kindy furthers their interests in creative expression and allows them to feel that they have an outlet to actively contribute and connect to the world around them.

This type of hands-on involvement builds upon concepts and creative thinking which are necessary foundations for lifelong learning.

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Experiencing musical activities as a group allows children to develop and refine their budding social skills. As they work in a team they learn to share and create in a collaborative setting.

These types of experiences help reinforce what’s expected of them, including better ‘listening skills’ and how to interact with others in structured or non-structured situations.

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4.Learn to Maintain Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Encouraging dance and movement to music is a great way for young ones to enjoy a little physical activity and stress relief.

Like most early childhood learning experiences, starting our Early Birds on a healthy path early, sets positive habits in motion which support their overall wellbeing and ability to learn long into the future.

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5.Develop Spatial Awareness and Motor Skills

We always encourage children to be curious and give it a go!

By playing an instrument or moving to a beat, children not only have the opportunity to improve their overall stamina and athletic abilities, but they also have the opportunity to focus more on their finer movements and hand-eye coordination.


6.Progress towards Academic Excellence

Statistical evidence (Namm Foundation, 2017) shows thatĀ children who study music, tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than those who do not participate in music.

By encouraging music appreciation before children reach school age, we as educators, are better able to positively influence children’s future educational outcomes.

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So, what are you YOU waiting for?! Let’s get PLAYING MUSIC!